Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree scholarship for full higher education in Europe at the master’s level provides full scholarship (tuition, accommodation, textbooks, library, transfer, accommodation, insurance, etc.) to study at the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Programmes.

The application form is submitted by the applicant online, immediately to the joint programme of your choice (maximum 3 at a time) through the relevant websites, each of which has a coordinating university and a contact person who acts on behalf of the entire partnership.

  • Studying – will take place in at least two universities from Erasmus+ member countries that have developed and organized the relevant joint programme of your choice.

  • Mobility scheme – (individual educational trajectory), i.e. in which universities the student will study and in what sequence, is determined by the coordinators of the joint programme or offered by the student.

  • Duration of studying – 1, 1.5 or 2 years.

  • Scholarship amount – Students of master’s programmes receive a scholarship of 1000 euros per month.



  • Student / graduate * – to study

  • Teacher – to teach unique innovative courses

* Any person, regardless of age and status, who already has at least a bachelor’s degree or is studying in the IV year (for joint master’s programs), or has a master’s degree (for joint PhD programs), can independently participate in competitions regardless of Ukrainian institution of higher education.
** Please note that you do not have to be a student to participate in such scholarship competitions!

Please note that there are no intermediaries. Each applicant is submitted independently online and independently of the Ukrainian university. It is important to study in detail all the rules on the website of the relevant joint program, fill out and submit the relevant documents online.



Select the desired program for study from the catalog of Joint Programmes Erasmus Mundus Joint Degrees and check the deadlines for submission of documents on the website of the selected programme.

If you need to clarify specific information on the submission of application documents, which is not available on the site of the selected programme, you need to contact the programme coordinator (contact information is posted on the site of each joint programme), which is a contact for communication, no other intermediaries. It is recommended to start communication with the contact person to clarify the information, if something is not clear, whether it is necessary to check. Usually all the conditions, requirements, rules, grant size and forms to fill out are presented on the website of the relevant joint educational programme.

Since the submission of documents takes place online on the website of your chosen joint educational programme, you need to fill out the online application and send a pre-prepared electronically package of documents:

  • cover letter (video on how to prepare a CV, cover letter and recommendations);
  • resume (CV) according to the sample posted on the program’s website (video on how to prepare a CV, cover letter and recommendations), a EUROPASS resource can be useful too;
  • 2 letters of recommendation from teachers or from the place of work: in English or with an officially certified translation (video on how to prepare a CV, cover letter and recommendations);
  • documents on education (diplomas and appendices to them) in the form of certified copies and with an officially certified translation;
  • a copy of the academic transcript with a list of all studied disciplines with grades and average score (form of academic transcript);
  • relevant certificate confirming the level of knowledge of a foreign language: requirements for the type of certificate and level of language proficiency may differ (for example, useful information on the site com.ua about different types of tests, in particular for preparing and obtaining a TOEFL certificate);
  • officially certified copy of passport (notary).

After some time you will receive an e-mail notification of further participation in the competition.

If you pass the first stage of selection (according to the submitted documents), pass the online interview at the time set by the program.

Upon receipt of the notification and the official letter of enrollment in the program, it is necessary to timely apply for a visa to the country that is the first in the mobility scheme during the program. Regarding the condition for obtaining a study visa, contact the visa department of the country’s embassy in the first year of study.

Erasmus Mundus: MaMaSELF

Erasmus Mundus: MaMaSELF

The Erasmus Mundus MaMaSELF program offers studying for students with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Physics or Materials Science.
The level of English must be confirmed by an IELTS certificate (it can be obtained and sent later).
The programme lasts for 2 years, studying is based on the following principle:

  •  one year at the first university (2 semesters);
  • third semester at the second university;
  • fourth semester – writing a Master’s thesis.

In this way, the MaMaSELF programme allows you to study at various European universities with well-known experts in the field, connections with industry and academic research, lecturing in English, obtaining an international diploma.

MaMaSELF infographics are in this document.

The official website of the programme: www.mamaself.eu

Introductory materials:
Video interview with students of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute,
Promo videos: about MaMaSELF, students on the programme.