This page contains information about admission procedures and registration for incoming students within credit mobility projects. For the full-time admission to Igor Sikorsky KPI, please, follow the link:


If you are a student of our Partner University and you were nominated to study at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, you need to send us scanned copies of your documents via e-mail ( not later than 2 months before the start of your studying here.


  • Passport with ID-page;
  • School Matriculation Diploma (translated in English or Ukrainian);
  • Learning Agreement (signed by the coordinator in your institution);
  • Letter of Nomination;
  • Certificate of Language Competence (English or Ukrainian);
  • Consent to personal data processing (signed by you) – The form of Consent you can find at our website by the link;


  • Name of the University is: National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, or shortly – Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute;
  • List of faculties see here;
  • Erasmus code – leave the section empty;
  • Address: 37, Peremohy Avenue, 03056 Kyiv Ukraine;
  • Contact person: mention your faculty coordinator here and in the signature section. The list of coordinators is here;
  • To choose the subjects with ECTS credits, please, contact us or faculty coordinator via e-mail.

The Invitation Letter will be ready in several days and the Academic Mobility Office will send you the hard copy via airmail. When you will receive it, you should contact the Embassy of Ukraine in your country to get the visa. When you will get the visa and buy a ticket, please, contact Academic Mobility Office via e-mail ( and send the Personal Data Form (find it by the link). Please, fill it ELECTRONICALLY and send it in the .doc format.




Please, look here to know how to get from airports and stations to the campus of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. Please, inform the Academic Mobility Office about your arrival in advance – fill in the Personal Data Form two-three weeks before you come, where you mention details of your flight/route. The dormitory will be ready to host you, keys and bedsheets will be at the reception. Academic Mobility Office will inform you about the number of the dormitory and room.


Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute provides the room in the dormitory to all incoming students. You can live in a 2-bed or 3-bed room.

The full monthly price is about 2500-3000 UAH; if you share the room with other students, the price will be divided according to the number of room-mates. Additional payment includes the electricity (you’ll get a bill at the end of your mobility period).

The accommodation requires passing the medical examination in Hospital No 11 (3, Hetmana Str., 4th Floor, Room. № 412). You will receive the Referral at the Centre for International Education. It includes a blood test for HIV, COVID-test, fluorography, dermatologist, and physician examination. The cost is approximately 500 UAH ( +1000 UAH for a COVID-test). In case, you have already done the medical exam beforehand, you’ll still have your relevant COVID-test (if you do any for border passing), please bring it with you so the nurse can see it, and you don’t have to do it again. After that, you should come back to Head Nurse and receive the paper that you should take to the Centre for International Education.



Please make sure that you have all the documents that are needed for your registration at university after arrival:

1) Your bachelor diploma with an apostille. Also, you’ll need a translation of that document, but according to the rules, notarization of the translation must be done by a Ukrainian notary, therefore you can translate it only after arrival.

2) Passport with a visa. You will also have to translate and certify it with a notary in Ukraine later.

3) 8 photos for documents (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm). Can be done in a printing service on campus or you can bring it in advance.

4) Medical insurance issued by a Ukrainian company. Should cover ambulance and covid-19. Medical insurance can be obtained directly at Centre for International Education (CIE) of our university (the cost is approximately 1000-1500 UAH, calculated individually from the length of stay). But if you already have one please let us know.

Please, come to Academic Mobility Office on the first working day to begin the registration process. After that, you will receive some bills for the registration, which you can pay in the nearest bank. Then, you should visit the campus administration and head of your dormitory to put signatures on the internal regulations, receive your pass and bills for the monthly payment.

After collecting all the necessary documents, you will need to go to the State Migration Service to get the Temporary Residence Permit. The service is in “Ukraina” Mall (3, Peremohy Square – 4 bus stops from campus). This procedure should normally take up to 15 days. When the document will be ready, Migration Service will inform you about that by message. You will need to go there to receive your permit.


  • Being a student in Ukraine for more than 90 days, you must have a Temporary Residence Permit. Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute provides the registration in the dormitory. Unfortunately, it is impossible to register in an apartment, despite you have relatives or friends who can register you in their own flat.
  • To get to the Service Centre of Migration Office from campus, you should take the trolleybus No 5 or No 7 from “Politekhnichnyi Instytut Subway Station” bus stop to “Peremohy Square” bus stop (4 stops). The Service Centre is on the 3rd floor of “Ukraina” Mall.
  • Please follow the terms of your stay: it is controlled by Erasmus+ Office, State Migration Service, and police. If the term of your stay will expire and you will still be in Ukraine, the penalty will be given both to you and to our University.