Vytautas Magnus University (Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas / VMU ) – is a public university founded in 1922. VMU is the only public higher education institution in Lithuania and one of the few in the region that provides a broad humanities education. This means that students can freely change and organize their schedule, both in one field and in another, go abroad on international exchange and prepare for these trips by taking 30 foreign language courses. As a reflection of global academic trends, more and more lectures (individual courses and even entire curricula) are taught in English, many of them by professors from abroad.

VMU works with many universities and scholars around the world, carrying out projects, exchanges of students and staff, as well as improving its research system. It is an international and multilingual institution that continuously develops international networks and intercultural dialogues, participates in international scientific, academic and social projects, encourages mobility of teachers and students, and promotes dialogue and tolerance.

Funded by the Erasmus + programme of the European Union