Riga Technical University (Rīgas Tehniskā universitāte) is a modern internationally recognised institution of higher education. It is the only polytechnic university in Latvia and the largest university in the country.

Riga Technical University aims to achieve the level of a new generation university, which not only provides a high level of education, but also conducts the latest research and ensures the development of innovative technologies, practically implements scientific inventions. The nine faculties of Riga Technical University offer a high level of education not only in engineering, but also in social sciences and humanities.

The educational programmes developed by Riga Technical University have been highly praised and officially recognised by international experts. Riga Technical University is constantly developing its infrastructure, building a campus on the island of Kipsala.

If you have any questions, please contact the Academic Mobility Office by e-mail: mobilnist@kpi.ua

Funded by the Erasmus + programme of the European Union