Project Description

The oldest and the most prestigious scientific institute in Korea, national level, interdisciplinary research programmes that meet all requirements and needs of modern technical sector.
KIST was founded in 1966 as the main multiprofile scientific and research institute of Korea. His main goal is the management of Korean scientific researches and developments in the field of science and technology as well as development of young talents.
The main campus of KIST is located in Seoul, field campuses in Gangneung-si and Seoungbuk-gu, Korea. Foreign campus or KIST Europe is located in Saarbrucken, Germany, in mean of cooperation with European society. KIST is on its way to become the leading world-class institute, making a contribution for the prosperous world.
As the research institute KIST supplies national needs in the field of science and technology of XXI century. University plays the leading role in the creation of scientific and technologically-based society.

Presentation of KIST School Scholarship Programme

As a leading science-oriented academy in the field of science and technology, KIST aims to provide real-world research and development experience for students from partner universities through intensive graduate education and to educate them as competent engineers and scientists. Upon completion of the program, the degree will be awarded by a partner university, and the Diploma will be issued by KIST.

Presentation of KIST

The programme consists of lectures and research activity:

  • lectures in Ukraine (1/2 of study);
  • laboratory work in KIST (1/2 of study).

KIST consists of the following scientific departments:

  • Brain Science Institute;
  • Biomedical Research Institute;
  • Green City Technology Institute;
  • Post-Silicon Semiconductor Institute;
  • Robotics and Media Institute;
  • Materials and Life Science Research Division;
  • National Agenda Research Division.

The List of Reasearch Fields

The list of KIST professors with scientific field and contacts mentioned via link

DIRECTIONS OF COOPERATION IN EDUCATION AND RESEARCH between the Korean Institute of Science and Technology and Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute


Study process: However, in most of cases, students should visit following lectures to develop their understanding of Korea: Korean language, Korean culture, course of advanced English language, research and development of management and information technologies.

Language: the study process is fully in English.

Duration of the study: In frames of Double Diploma Programme, Master studies last 1-2 years, PhD studies last 2-3 years.

After achieving of Master thesis in Korea students receive the Korean type of Master diploma and after performing in Ukraine – the Ukrainian type of Master diploma.


Obtaining the scientific Degree:

Adoption of the respective degrees is based on the results of the individual researches and the passing of the oral examination at the dissertation before the final evaluation board. Candidates for a PhD degree are required to publish at least one article in an international popular science journal.

Candidates for the Master degree should publish at least one article in a scientific journal. The approval of a Master degree is based on the results achieved by the candidate in the direction of the dissertation. Publication in an international journal is optional.

Three students of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute – Anastasiia Konovalova (FChT), Dmytro Timchenko (IME) and Oleksandr Ovsianitskiy (FE) graduated from KIST in August 2017 after finishing the study programme.


  • Tuition and registration fee is covered by the professor-tutor;
  • Monthly scholarship is provided in amount of 1500 USD for PhD;
  • Majority of spendings except transfer to or from Korea are provided by KIST.


Social support

  • Medical insurance;
  • Usage of campus objects: cafe, sport centre, post office, bank, car repair services, libraries, transfer to and from metro;
  • Supper for those who work overtime;
  • Normed sales for a living in many main tourist points of Korea;
  • One of the best dormitories throughout Korean universities (Monthly price is 120 USD. Foreign students can rent the dormitory during 2 years, one room for two people);
  • Students who will not live in the KIST campus can receive the financial support for a living up to 100 USD monthly.


  • Spring semester begins in March;
  • Autumn semester begins in September.

Application deadline:

  • Twice a year: autumn and spring

Main requirements:

  • students of 5-6 years of study or PhD can participate;
  • academic grade is 75 or higher;
  • TOEFL certificate (CBT 213) , IELTS certificate (6.00), or Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Certificate (B2);
  • scientific activity;
  • recommendation from the department on the participation of the candidate.

All the applicants are allowed to fill online application form, if they meet the requirements of the programme and if they have the recommendation from the department to participate in the programme.

You should mention the direction in the application form – KIST Campus.

List of documents needed to apply for a Master Degree:

  • Student Information Form;
  • Proposal for Study;
  • Letter of Recommendation;
  • Official English Score (TOEFL, IELTS or Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Certificate);
  • Copy of Passport;
  • Certificate of (Expected) Bachelor’s Degree;
  • Transcript of Bachelor’s Programme (this requirement is optional for those students who have the Annex to Diploma of European Form; documents that are issued by university may be certified by university (faculty or institute);
  • Certificate of Career / Employment (if applicable)


List of documents needed to apply for a PhD Degree:

  • Student Information Form;
  • Proposal for Study;
  • Letter of Recommendation;
  • Official English Score (TOEFL, IELTS or Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Certificate);
  • Copy of Passport;
  • Certificate of Career / Employment (if applicable);
  • Certificate of (Expected) Master’s Degree;
  • Transcript of Master’s Programme;
  • Thesis for Master’s Degree.

Only titles of papers and abstracts should be submitted.

If you are allowed to obtain a degree without writing a thesis pursuant to the university regulations or others, you should submit pertinent documentation.

Publications include published papers, papers presented at academic conferences and intellectual property (if available).

  • Research Achievements;
  • Publications: should provide information about the author, summary or abstract;
  • Technical report: should provide information about abstracts and summaries.


The level of language competence needed:

  • TOEFL CBT 213
  • TOEFL iBT 79
  • IELTS 6.0
  • Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Certificate B2


! All application documents should be written in English. Documents not written in English must be accompanied by certified translations (or documents notarized at embassy). Documents that are issued by university may be certified by university (faculty or institute).