Admission and registration for credit mobility

ATTENTION! This page contains information about admission procedures and registration for incoming students within credit mobility projects. For the full-time admission to Igor Sikorsky KPI, please, follow the link:

Credit mobility admission procedure for incoming students

If you are student of our Partner University and you were nominated to study in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, you need to send us scanned copies of the following documents not later than two months before the beginning of the semester (click to see the academic calendar) via our e-mail –

  1. Passport with ID-page
  2. School Matriculation Diploma (translated in English, Ukrainian or Russian)
  3. Learning Agreement signed by the coordinator in your institution
  4. Nomination Letter
  5. Certificate of language competence (English, Ukrainian or Russian)
  6. Consent to personal data processing signed by you (CLICK TO SEE)

ATTENTION! Filling your Learning Agreement, note, that you should mention following data in the “Receiving institution” section:

The same person should be mentioned as the contact person and the responsible person. 

After sending all abovementioned documents by e-mail, you should wait several days until your invitation will be ready. Academic Mobility Office will contact you immediately after receiving the invitation, and send you the scan copy. After that we will send you the hard copy by the post. When you get the hard copy of your invitation, you can go to the Embassy of Ukraine in your country and process all the documents needed to get the visa. When you will receiving the visa and buy a ticket, please, contact our Office via e-mail and send us the Personal Data Form (CLICK). All procedures after arrival to Ukraine are described in the section below.

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Procedures in the University during mobility period


  1. TRANSFER. Academic Mobility Office of Igor Sikorsky KPI helps incoming students with the transfer from the airport, bus or railway station to the dormitory on demand. Please, contact us by e-mail or phone and inform us about your arrival (No of flight/train, date and time of arrival) in advance.
  2. ACCOMMODATION. Igor Sikorsky KPI provides all incoming students the room in the dormitory. You can live in 2-bed room for 1500 UAH per month or 1-bed room for 2490 UAH per month. Dormitory is the most comfortable place to live because of its low price and close location to the educational buildings. 
  3. REGISTRATION. The first working day after your arrival to Kyiv, you should come to Academic Mobility Office – AMO (building 31, cab 1-13, address: 5-a, Metalistiv Street, Phone: +38 044 204 99 55). 

    AMO will support you with all necessary help with filling forms and applications. You need to visit the Centre for International Education (CIE). There you should fill such documents as Application for enrollment and personal data for the registration and accommodation, and sign the agreement with rules of living in the dormitory as well as safety instructions. You need to have your passport with you and its translation with notary visa. You can make the translation in the bureau near the campus of Igor Sikorsky KPI. Also, it is obligatory to pay the registration fee, so you need to have for about 3000 UAH for all payments. It is also possible that you will also need to pay additionally for the insurance. Also, for registration of your pass and personal case, you should need 10-12 photos (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm). You need also to register in the Campus Administration Office (22, Yanhelya Str., dormitory № 3, room № 9), and sign the confirmation with University’s internal regulations at the office of the Head of the dormitory, where you will live.

    When you will do all the necessary procedures, your passport will be passed to the State Migration Service for the registration of residence permit. This procedure should normally take up to 15 days, but some delay can occur. You will get the special pass instead your passport.

    To receive back your residence permit and your passport you should wait the information from the Passport Office of the Centre for International Education. When it will be ready, you should visit the Central Kyiv Migration Office (4-a, Berezniakivska Str.). Next day you should visit the Centre for International Education to sign the registration confirmation.

  4. MEDICAL EXAM. Also, you will need to pass the medical examination in the hospital No 11 (3, Hetmana Str., 4th Floor, Room. № 413) – a blood test for HIV, fluorography, dermatologist and physician examination etc.


  1. ACQUAINTANCE. Academic Mobility Office (AMO) will offer you the guide tour around KPI the first day as well as the guide tour around Kyiv some time later. At the beginning, you will visit the faculty where you will be studying and meet your coordinator, supervisor and professors. They will tell you about the educational process in Igor Sikorsky KPI and provide you the schedule of your classes. Also AMO will provide you the information package with the map of campus and …
  2. CLASSES. You should visit all the lectures and practical lessons and meet all your professors. Get the e-mail addresses of all your lecturers in advance. If you will have any situation when you are not able to attend the lesson (need to process some documents or have the bad state of health), warn your professor and agree how could you work off the skip.


  1. EXAMINATIONS SESSION. Please, prepare for your exams to pass successfully. If you will have any problems with studying, immediately contact your coordinator, supervisor or AMO inspector.
  2. CANCELLING THE REGISTRATION. You should warn the AMO inspector about your leaving in advance – for about 15 days before. Then you should come to AMO and receive the Bypass List form. It requires signatures and stamps of several services: Passport office, Campus Administration, dormitory’s superintendent, library, Dean’s office. Please, take your passport with you. You should pay the fee (for about 60 UAH) in Campus Administration to cancel the registration. After that, Campus Administration will pick your Residence Permit up. Some days later you should come to AMO to get the copy of your Residence Permit and put the last signature in the Bypass List.
  3. TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS. Your faculty will give you the filled Transcript of Records with all the credits and marks you have obtained. 
  4. LEAVING UKRAINE. Warn AMO about your leaving in advance. Help with the transfer to the airport, bus or railway station is optional (on your request).

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