Project Description

The competition is open to persons under the age of 40 with two years of professional experience: teachers; graduate students and researchers who do not yet have a degree; candidates of sciences; administrators of higher educational institutions; employees of research institutions; journalists; specialists in library, museum and archival affairs; specialists in the field of culture management; employees of public organizations.

Fields of study:

  • Public Administration;

  • Economics (theoretical areas);

  • Journalism, Mass Media;

  • Engineering Sciences;

  • Information Sciences;

  • Computer Science;

  • Linguistics, Applied Linguistics;

  • Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry;

  • Materials Science;

  • Science of Law;

  • Social Work;

  • Sociology, etc.


  • Questionnaire and additional forms;

  • 3 letters of recommendation;

  • Copies of all documents on higher education;

  • Portfolio.