We would like to inform you about TUJP Online 2020-2021 — Tohoku University Japanese Program

? Tohoku University Japanese Program (TUJP) Online is designed to improve your Japanese proficiency and deepen your understanding of Japan. The program consists of intensive Japanese lessons with many hands-on activities to practice Japanese.

? Programs:
• TUJP Online-1 for Basic learners: December 1st – December 14th, 2020 (2 weeks);
• TUJP Online-2 for Pre-intermediate or Intermediate learners: January 13th – February 2nd, 2021 (3 weeks).

? Information about TUJP on the official Tohoku University webpage. Please notice that the program has application fees.
? Application deadline:
• October 16th, 2020 for TUJP Online-1
• November 18th, 2020 for TUJP Online-2
? Where: The full package of documents must be send to mobilnist@kpi.ua, the final registration via link