We are delighted to invite you to participate in Paid Internships at German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP)

🔹The program particularly interested in attracting young academics in political science and related social sciences such as economics, law, administration, occasionally also regional studies, ethnology or journalism.

🔹 Eligible applicants:
• Students already studying for a master’s degree;
• Holders of bachelor’s degrees who can demonstrate they are applying for a place on a master’s degree course and who expect to be regular master’s students at the time proposed for the internship;
• Holders of bachelor’s/master’s degrees who are enrolled on an additional bachelor’s or master’s degree course.

🔹 SWP offers a limited number of three-month full-time internships for highly motivated students.

📋 Information about the program on the official SWP website
🕔 Application deadline: 30.09.2020
📍 Where: Send your application form and all necessary documents in one summarized PDF file by e-mail to bewerbungen@swp-berlin.org