Performing the mobility of Alexandre Umba, KU Leuven

During his period at Aircraft Control Devices and Systems department of Aerospace Faculty, National Technical university of Ukraine, Alexandre Umba from KU Leuven Department of Computer Science collaborated with our research team.

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He was asked to develop a computer vision system which would allow UAV’s to land autonomously.


It was a new task for him, because he has never worked with any aviation systems or vehicles. This task was not only applied, but also interesting to him. His strong analytical and communication skills were what made him stand out. During the semester, he also trained with masters of the 5th year of study.

He coped with the work and gained new knowledge in the field of aviation and applied engineering.

   After completing his work, he made a strong presentation and pre-defense of his master’s thesis on Aircraft Control Devices and Systems department.


We therefor believe he can be an asset to any team that he works with and will continue to work in this direction.