Відгуки учасників програм

 Interview with Valentin Calisti, the Erasmus+ participant, performing his mobility at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute


Where do you come from and what is your home university?
I come from France, and I was studying for 2 years at “Université de Lorraine” (east of France – Lorraine Region).

What is your exchange program? 
I am studying as part of the Erasmus + programme.

How long have you stayed in Ukraine?
I have been in Ukraine a bit longer than five months

What do you study?
I study both mathematics and physics at “ФМФ”. I have some courses in the department of physics, and others in the department of mathematics (in the fifth grade).

What made you choose to study physics at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

I have chosen to study in KPI for several reasons :

  • I wanted to experience something new, and I was curious about Ukraine, about its culture, and also about both Russian and Ukrainian languages (I thought that coming was the best way to speak, even just a little).
  • Teachers of my school proposed me to go in Ukraine.
  • I learned that some students from KPI would be in my school this year. So I thought, it would be good, if a french student, in turn, came in KPI.

What have you enjoyed most about studying at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute?
It’s a difficult question, because I enjoyed a lot of things. I was very well received by my teachers and also by the other students. And I had many very interesting courses. Perhaps what I liked most was working on a project with Professor Gorshkov.

Are there some things (at the department, in our university) that haven’t worked as well as you expected?
Maybe once a teacher thought the course was too complicated for me, since I almost did not speak the language. So I had to change. But I sincerely understand this decision.

How does studying at our University differ from your studies at your home university?
I have the impression that, especially in mathematics and physics, there are not so many things that differ. Maybe the choice of certain courses in my home university.

What do you think about Ukrainian teacher education in general?
I found it very interesting and quality. There are realy good teachers in KPI.

Is there anything in the Ukrainian teacher Education system that you would like to bring back home to France?
Maybe there is more exchanges between teachers and students, especially during the exams. I think it’s interesting, in this way, the teacher can know if the student really understood.

What do you think of Ukraine in general?

There is surely a lot to say, and I do not know how to justify it, but I really liked Kiev (I did not go elsewhere). I do not know when, but I know I will come back !

What top 3 tips or pieces of wisdom would you give to future overseas students thinking of coming to study at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute?
– take warm clothes!

– seriously work the language

– enjoy, visit and meet people