University of Central Europe in Skalica, Slovakia


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Double diploma programme between Igor Sikorsky KPI and Central European University (CEU) in Skalica, Slovakia

Central European University in Skalica was founded on 16 November 2005. Its goal was and is the desire to increase the level of education and culture brought to Skalica by monks of the Order of Saint Francis in XV century.

In the frames of the agreement on common education curricula universities decided to create and supply the common Master Degree Programme on Environmental Management. Common programme was created on the basis of CEU’s Master Degree curriculum on “Environmental management” and Master Degree curriculum on “Ecology and Environment Protection” on full-time specialty “Environmental management” of Igor Sikorsky KPI.

Study on this programme can be realised on the bases of Igor Sikorsky KPI, CEU branch in the town of Uzhgorod, as well as in Slovakia (Skalica town, Kosice town).

The languages of study are: English, Ukrainian, Russian or Slovak.

Master Degree programme on this specialty can be full-time, extramural, combined, distant or extern.

Study in Central European University for foreign citizens is chargeable. One ECTS credit cost is 30 EUR.

To enter Central European University in Skalica student should prepare following documents:

1. Application form. The fee for the data processing in the EU student register is 50 EUR (30 EUR in case of online application).

2. Copies of documents on the secondary education for the first year of Bachelor Degree.


3. Copy of Diploma on higher education with Degree of Bachelor or Specialist and Annex to Diploma for Master Degree or second education.

4. Copy of external passport (if any).

5. Copy of passport of citizen (first, second pages, stamp of residence).

6. ID-code copy.

In Slovak Republic students are provided with dormitories (about 60-100 EUR per month).

Central European University in Skalica will grant alumnis of the Common educational programme the Master Degree.

As about further information in Students’ Academic Mobility Office of Igor Sikorsky KPI.

5а Metalistiv Street, office 1-13, 1-14

phone: +38044 2049955