Technische Hochschule Merseburg, Germany

Double diploma programme between Igor Sikorsky KPI and Technische Hochschule Merseburg (Germany)


General information


HoMeTechnische Hochschule Merseburg was founded in 1954 and was in status of the Karl Schorlemmer High Technical School until April 1, 1992.

Nowadays, Technische Hochschule Merseburg is small but very prestigious University of applied sciences in Germany. It proposes 13 Bachelor and 10 Master Programmes as well as one retraining programme.


Double diploma programme

National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” and Technische Hochschule Merseburg (Faculty of Computer Science and Communication Systems) agreed about the common research programme.

After the successful graduation from Technische Hochschule Merseburg, Ukrainian students receive the Bachelor Degree.

Faculty of Computer Science and Communication Systems (IКS) in Merseburg conducts the annual selection of students of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” on one of the educational and research courses:

  • Applied Informatics (BAIN)
  • Electronics/Information Technologies (BEI)
  • Technical Editing of Systems and Electronic Education (BTREL)

Universities’ curricula are agreed and coordinated.


Entrance to the Hochschule Merseburg

The entrance for the study in Technische Hochschule Merseburg is realizing after the first year of study in Igor Sikorsky KPI. The courses are taught in German.

Each May, representative of Technische Hochschule Merseburg comes to Kyiv to conduct testing of students on the competence in German language. The test consists of three parts – grammar, reading and speaking (interview).

If students will pass the test successfully, they receive the invitation from Technische Hochschule Merseburg for the invitation that they submit to the Embassy of Germanu in Ukraine for the visa registration.


Duration of the study and curriculum in Germany

Bachelor Degree programme lasts 6 semesters (3 years). Because some courses are equal on first two years of study in Technische Hochschule Merseburg and Igor Sikorsky KPI, exists the possibility to transfer several grades (as Physics or Mathematics) and pass the programme during two years instead of three. Thus, students have the opportunity to finish the Bachelor Degree programme in both universities simultaneously.

After receiving the Bachelor Diploma in Technische Hochschule Merseburg students can continue their education on the Master degree programme in Technische Hochschule Merseburg or any other German university.

More details of curriculum of three proposed directions you could find on the website:


Funding and spendings

The study in Technische Hochschule Merseburg is free. Student should pay 50 EUR on the beginning of each semester. So the spendings go only for the living. To register the visa in the Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany in Ukraine demand the opening the blocked account. This account should contain 8000 EUR – the sum than treated as the sufficient for one year of living in Germany. You should put this money into the account in the German bank so to have the further possibility to withdraw monthly for about 660 EUR.


Contact information

The coordinator of the programme in Igor Sikorsky KPI is professor of the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science Yurii Kulakov.

Skype: yurii.kulakov
Phone: +38044 2049292

Website of Technische Hochschule Merseburg