Technical University of Liberec in Czech Republic

Double Degree Master Programme in Automation/Mechatronics


univ2Technical University of Liberec was founded in 1953, the education was condected by following directions: machine engineering, instrumentation engineering etc. The study by the Double diploma programme in Technical University of Liberec provides the opportunity to receive the second Master Degree diplomaon Mechatronics after two semesters of study (10 months).


  • candidate should have the Bachelor diploma and the translation of the diploma in Czech certified by notary
  • to study on the Master Programme on Automation/Mechatronics
  • student should freely speak English. Desirely if student has IELTS (bands 6, 7, 8, 9), TOEFL (with minimum 550, 213 or 100 points), CAE, CPE, PITMAN or other certificate.
  • external passport, valid for not less than two years after enrollment to Master Degree.

These documents should be submitted to the Department of Education and to Rector’s office on students’ affairs or sent by post. The decision on enrollment of student on the faculty is made by the Dean of the faculty of appropriate specialty.


Student should prepare following documents to be enrolled in TUL:


  1. Fill the online application form to register (in Czech or English).
  2. Print the Application form and send it to the address of TUL’s Faculty of Mechatronics, Informatics and Interdisciplinary Education.
  3. Pay 400 CZK by the bank transfer (approximately 16 EUR).
  4. Candidates should successfully pass the enrollment exam. If the results of their Bachelor Degree education are excellent, this requirement could be cancelled by the Dean of the Faculty of Mechatronics.
  5. The original Diploma is needed for the procedure of nostrification. Contact the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) to obtain the information about this procedure.
  6. Recognition by the Technical University of Liberec the disciplines of the Master Degree programme studied in the native university (if the applicant wish to begin study in TUL after the first year of the Master Degree in the native university), or the nostrification of the Master Degree finished in the native university.
  7. Proof of the language competence (Czech language B2 level, if the applicant wish to study Czech or English TOEFL certificate. Minimum level of TOEFL IBT is 80).
  8. A recommendation letter.
  9. International applicants should prove that they are able to pay the spendings on the living during the study in Czech. The approximate evaluation of spendings for the one academic year (10 months of living, excluding spendings on the assignment and medical insurance) in Czech Republic is approximately 60 000 CZK (2400 EUR).
  10. Copy of the medical insurance in the EU zone in amount of 30000 EUR or more.


Foreign university higher education recognition procedure in Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU)

  1. Documents needed:
    • officially certified copy of the Diploma on higher education,
    • officially certified copy of the Transcript of records (list of exams passed)
    • the translation of both documents in Czech certified by notary.
  2. Applicant should submit the hard copy of the request on the recognition of the Diplomaon higher education (letter of the request in Czech).
  3. Applicant should submit needed documentsto the Department of Education and students’ affairs of the Rector’s office of CTU personally or via post.
  4. If the direction of study of the applicant does not taught in CTU, applicant should send the request to the University, which provides programmes on the appropriate field. If the Office of Education and Students’ Affairs does not know such University, CTU makes the negative decision on the request about recognition.
  5. If the direction of study of the applicant is identical or close to thedirection of study, taught on the one of the CTU’s faculties, the request should be send for the review of the Vice-Dean of the Faculty on Students’ Affairs.
  6. Office of Education and Students’ Affairs send the letter to the applicant’s university with the request about the confirmation of issuing the Diploma on higher education with appropriate registration number.
  7. If answers of Vice-Dean and applicant’s university are positive, applicants is provided with the decision and Diploma.
  8. If answers of Vice-Dean and applicant’s university are negative or if it is impossible to receive those answers, CTU makes the negative decision on the request about recognition.


The consultations for the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Czech Republic on the opportunities to apply will be given via the Rector of CTU in case of negative results.



To visit Czech Republic, Ukrainian citizens should register the Schengen visa. Ask the Consulate Office of the Embassy of Czech Republic in Ukraine how to register.



Fare price:

  • Bus ≈850 UAH.
  • Train ≈1900 UAH.
  • Plane (direct flight) ≈3700 UAH for a round-trip; flight with transfer ≈2200 UAH for a round-trip.

Medical insurance:

Technical University of Liberec pays the annual medical insurance for its students.

Cost of living:

The price for the dormitory is from 1800 to 2550 CZK per month, for about 90 CZK per day.

Approximate prices for the education:

  • Payment for a University’s application forming ≈16 EUR
  • Insurance ≈25 EUR
  • Visa proceeding – free
  • Tuition fee – free
  • Living (dormitory and food) during the study period ≈2400 EUR (during 10 months)
  • Total ≈2441 EUR



  • Signed application for enrollment – April, May
  • Submitting for the Nostrification of the Bachelor Diploma (should be submitted to CTU) – May
  • Submitting the study results of the first year of Master Degree in Ukrainian University to TUL – June
  • Enrollment exam – August
  • Enrollment procedure and decision of the Dean – August
  • Enrollment – September
  • Beginning of the winter semester – October, 1
  • Beginning of the summer semester – February, 10

In order to gain the function of a foreign document on education on the territory of Ukraine, as well as for the further employment or continuation of studies, it is possible to conduct the procedure for its recognition. This procedure is called Nostrification. Nostrification is a confirmation of foreign documents (diplomas) on education on the territory of Ukraine. Nostrification is carried out in the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Student of any level of higher professional education do not receive the diploma in case of expelling from University before the defence of the graduational qualification thesis.


Responsible people in Igor Sikorsky KPI:

      • associate professor of department of technical cybernetics of Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science of Igor Sikorsky KPI
      • Mykhailo Tkach
      • Phone: +38044 2049567
      • e-mail:
      • associate professor of department of technical cybernetics of Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science of Igor Sikorsky KPI
      • Viktor Pasko
      • Phone: +38044 2049567
      • e-mail:
      • associate professor of department of technical cybernetics of Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science of Igor Sikorsky KPI
      • Oleh Lisovychenko
      • Phone: +38044 2049567
      • e-mail: