Chonbuk National University, Korea


Chonbuk National University is a national research university founded in 1947, located in Jeonju, Republic of Korea.

In 2017 Chonbuk National University and National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” signed the Agreement on cooperation and students exchange.

Exchange programme for Igor Sikorsky KPI students on 2017/2018

  • Period of study: Half-year or 1 year
  • Academic Courses (CBNU):
    1) Undergraduate
    2) Graduate: Only for Applicants who are invited by professor of Chonbuk National University for research activities and learning
  • Classes:
    1) Liberal arts – Major subject (requires a certain level of Korean skill or English skill (for English classes)
    2) Korean class for Foreigner (only for undergraduate students. Students can not take classes if the number of students was exceeded)
    3) Others (graduate students and undergraduates who want to take additional Korean classes can pay the fee and apply for a separate course)


  • Deadline: Dec.28.2017 (Thu)
  • Required Documents:
    1) Application form for exchange student (LINK)
    2) Personal Statement (Korean or English) (LINK)
    3) Study Plan (Korean or English) (LINK)
    4) Answer Sheet for Korean Language placement (Test Papers from Korean Education Center will be sent separately)
    5) Certificate of enrollment (Korean or English)
    6) Official Transcript (Korean or English)
    7) Recommendation Letter from Home University (Korean or English)
    8) Copy of Passport
    9) 4 photos in the white background (3.5 cm × 4.5 cm – please write your name on the back)
    10) X-Ray Tuberculosis Test Result (it must be result after Jan 1, 2018. A person who proved positive from test can not enter Korea. If you already submit to embassy for visa issuing, it doesn’t need to be submitted)

*All of documents must be submitted in the order named.
**Documents written in languages other than Korean or English must include attachments of its translation in Korean or English


Chonbuk National University will send the Certificate of issuance of visa and University’s business registration. The successful applicant must visit the Korean Embassy in your home country with other documents required for visa issuing and apply for a Student Visa (D-2). Please apply for Alien Card in person at the office of International cooperation, Chonbuk National University after entering Korea.

*You can check it on the web site of the Korean Consulate in the country of sojourn.

Korean Language & Korean Traditional Culture Course

  • CBNU offers Korean Language Courses and Korean Traditional Culture Experience Course
  • Three levels of Korean Language Class : Basic, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Only for Undergraduate Students

* Subject List




Basic Korean for Foreigners

Speaking & Listening 3





Intermediate Korean for Foreigners

Speaking & Listening






Advanced Korean for Foreigners

News Discussion


Learning through Media




* First Semester: Exchange Students can take 3 Korean Language Classes
* Second Semester: Exchange Students can take 2 Korean Language Classes


  • Chambit building
    1) Fee: Approximately 1,000,000KRW/1 Semester
    2) Meals: Three meals a day in dormitory cafeteria except Saturdays and Sundays.
    They are banned from cooking in the dormitory for safety reasons
    3) Facilities:
    – Two persons in a room
    – Each room is furnished with a desk, a chair, an air conditioner, a bed, a wardrobe, a telephone, bathroom
  • Dormitory fees must be paid before arrival and transferred to a dormitory account at Chonbuk National University
    – After the transfer is completed, the applicant’s English name is written on the receipt and a scanned copy is sent to the responsible person by e-mail
    – Specific payment dates and accounts will be notified by e-mail

*Excluding weekend meals on dormitory fees

Dormitory Information: +82-63-270-4723


  • Insurance fee: Approximately 130,000 KRW per year
  • Insurance Covers
    – Regular treatment, medicine, surgery, and hospotalization at a hospital
    – Dental and a cosmetic procedure are not covered by insurance
    – Accident caused by driving a car or motorbike are not covered by insurance

*If you take the insurance in your own country, the guarantee contents should cover expenses for injuries, medicines, operations, hospitalization (insurance policy must be carried at the time of entry).