Concours International 2018 – Ecole Polytechnique

The “Autumn Session” applications for the International Examinations 2018 for the Ingénieur polytechnicien program at École polytechnique is opened:
from 22 May 2017 to 1 September 2017

This application session is of interest for students who have already completed at least 2 semesters of B.Sc at your institution with excellent grades in mathematics, and who wish to strengthen their curriculum by a high-level curriculum in sciences and humanities leading to the Engineering Degree of École polytechnique and the École polytechnique Diploma.

Ecole polytechnique International examination is organized in collaboration with two other institutions for International students in worldwide universities, except in France:

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Key Dates Deadline to validate your application: 1st September 2017.
Deadline to send the missing documents and for the teachers or professors to upload the recommendation letter: 15th September 2017.
The eligibility list will be published online mid-October 2017.
The oral examinations will take place between 23rd October and 1st November 2017. The written examinations will take place on Friday 27th October 2017.
The results of admission will be published online by the end of November 2017.

Please note that speaking French is not a pre-requisite for application: the entire process can be done in English.
For further information:
For further information, you may contact us:

International Entrance Examinations 2018

Admission requirements
• Candidates must be under 25 year of age on January 1st, 2018.
• Candidates must have completed at least 2 of undergraduate studies in Science
• Excellent skills in Mathematics and Physics are keys to success
• Candidates cannot be French citizens
• Candidates cannot apply more than once
• Candidates cannot have been enrolled in French preparatory classes for Grandes Ecoles, neither any preparatory program for an engineering school within a French university, nor any French Grande Ecole and the final year of a Master’s degree or in a doctoral program.
• Candidates must meet the medically defined criteria of physical fitness (for Ecole Polytechnique)

No knowledge of the French language is necessary to apply. The full application process as well as the examinations can be conducted in English.

Initial selection for entrance examinations
The initial selection is based on academic records, motivation letter from the candidate and letters of recommendation from professors at your university or college.
Entrance examinations
• The final selection is based on results from written and oral exams in mathematics, physics and a general scientific knowledge.
• International examination centers are set up worldwide for the autumn and the spring session in many countries such as for example Brazil, Canada, China, France, Russia, Senegal, Singapore or the USA.

The exams consist of five mandatory tests:
– two written exams in Mathematics and Physics (2 hours each) – an oral examination in Mathematics (1 hour) – an oral examination in Physics (1 hour) – an oral examination in General Scientific Knowledge (45 min): an interview focusing on the analysis of scientific documents (30 min) and the candidate’s motivation (15 min). This oral examination is preceded by a 30 min preparation period.

As already stated, examinations can be conducted in French or in English and will be organized in the country of the candidates or the nearest most convenient country with an examinations centre.

An average ranking is established for each candidate having undergone all the tests given the following coefficients assigned to each type of examination:

For written exams:

  • 3 in Mathematics
  • 2 in Physics

For oral exams:

  • 6 in Mathematics
  • 4 in Physics
  • 2 in General Scientific Knowledge and motivation

The total coefficients will be 17 given 5 for the written examination and 12 for the oral examination.
The admission
The aim of our selection process is to rank by order of merit the candidates who are qualified to benefit from an education at one of our schools or university. The admission jury determines the list of admitted candidates.